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Natural Oak With Grey Felt Acoustic Wall Panel

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Original price £140.00
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Current price £110.00
Enhance In-Room Acoustics with Natural Oak and Grey Felt Wood Wall Panels

Experience the unmatched beauty of natural wood in your home or workplace, fostering a quieter environment for everyone with our Wooden Wall Panel in Natural Oak with Grey Felt, measuring 250cm x 60cm. Effortlessly installed, durable, and visually striking, this premium product empowers you to completely revamp any space by introducing an intriguing design element while effectively absorbing excess noise.

One of our most sought-after products at Composite HQ, our natural oak wall panelling seamlessly brings a touch of Mother Nature's beauty indoors. Ideal for adding a special touch to fireplaces, reducing noise around TV walls, and creating bedrooms conducive to quality sleep, our natural wood panelling for walls possesses the transformative ability to turn ordinary rooms into spaces where you'd love to spend time.

Beyond delivering a beautifully natural look, these wood wall panels boast impressive acoustic properties guaranteed to minimize echoes and reverberations. Our designers and craftsmen leverage their creative flair and time-honored production methods to ensure these products stand out as focal features in their own right.

At Composite HQ, we believe in making the creation of premium living and working environments quick, easy, and affordable. This commitment is reflected in the durability and straightforward installation of our wooden wall panels, providing a convenient way to transform rooms at home or at work. Elevate your surroundings effortlessly with the timeless appeal and acoustic benefits of Natural Oak and Grey Felt Wood Wall Panels.