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Tribal Gaurdians Movement

The Amazon rainforest tribes are facing many challenges, including loss of traditional lands, cultural erosion and economic marginalization due to deforestation and other environmental destruction. Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest not only harms the environment but also threatens the homes, livelihoods and way of life of the indigenous tribes that call the rainforest their home. The clearing of the forest destroys their traditional hunting and gathering grounds and disrupts their way of life, often leaving them without any means of survival. Furthermore, it destroys their sacred sites, cultural artifacts and ancient knowledge. These tribes need help in order to preserve their traditional ways of life and protect the environment on which they depend.

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5,000 acres of forest being lost per day


The last 50 years, 17% of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed

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Our Mission

Our 5% profit pledge for the Amazon rainforest tribes help support a variety of initiatives that aim to protect and preserve the forest, while also supporting the livelihoods of the local communities that depend on it. Some uses for the funds include:

  • Forest conservation and restoration: The funds are used to support programs that protect and restore the forest, such as reforestation initiatives, fire management, and conservation patrols.
  • Community development: The funds are contributed towards supporting the development of sustainable livelihoods for local communities, such as promoting sustainable agriculture, eco-tourism, and sustainable resource management.
  • Education and awareness: The funds support educational programs and awareness-raising campaigns that educate local communities about the importance of preserving the forest and its resources.
  • Infrastructure development: The funds contribute to supporting the development of infrastructure in the region, such as building schools, clinics, and other community facilities.
  • Collaboration and partnerships: The funds are used to support collaboration and partnerships with local organizations, governments and other stakeholders to support the conservation and sustainable development of the region.

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