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Are you looking to transform your outdoor space and get the garden of your dreams with little maintenance but high quality?
Composite UK is here for you. Composite UK provides our customers with Products that are designed to be  low-maintenance and extremely durable. Our composite decking is made up of 87% recycled waste material, a combination of recycled plastics and hardwood and is FSC certified (100%). The extrusion process allows for nearly 100% material usage meaning there is almost no waste of the recycled materials. All that waste that would once be going to landfill, can now be given a second life through your composite decking. 
Composite UK offers a 10 year exclusive manufacturers warranty on your composite decking, with no concern of splintering, warping, rotting or corrosion making it the best choice for your garden space. Composite decking is an immensely versatile material which combines the traditional appearance of natural timber with the durability and resilience of an engineered composite. Composite decking has a great return on a life cycle cost basis due to the limited maintenance needs and long life span. 
We currently stock two best seller colours of our composite decking, the charcoal black and the light grey composite boards., with both colours available to be made to measure. The boards are secured in place with hidden fixings which allow for a clean and professional look to your decking.
Why choose us?

1 stop shop

At Composite UK we aim to become a grand one stop shop for a range of bespoke garden products. The Reason we strive in this area, is because of the heavy passion our team have for gorgeous garden landscape.

Achieving this, we believe we can Help change the society to be less of a crowded space to prevent covid from spreading even more.

Long Lasting

We strive to find the best products for their money in the market by doing this we can create a vast range of great products. When adding products to our range we look for long lasting, durable products, so everyone can enjoy their summers spent in the garden Stress free.


Products like our Composite decking are an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of traditional timber for deck boards, our composite decking is manufactured using a combination of 55% recycled wood and 40% recycled HDPE plastic along with 5% additives (colour, bonding agent etc.).

Utilising recycled wood fibres in the deck boards is more sustainable than chopping down trees for fresh timber, while recycling plastic prevents the synthetic waste being sent to landfill sites. Conserving natural resources and repurposing plastic waste, choosing the eco-friendly composite alternative to timber, minimises the environmental impact of any decking project.


Our Range of products have been chosen in correlation to different design styles. when creating your garden there are many routes you can go down, for this reason we aim for the best aesthetics with every product we stock.


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